Samuel S. Fels Fund

How to Apply?

Fels Fund has a two-stage application process: 1) funding inquiry and, if invited, 2) proposal. Funding inquiries are accepted at any time, although Fels Fund will accept only one funding inquiry from your organization at a time. Proposals are accepted by invitation only based on the review of your funding inquiry.

Whether you received a prior grant from the Fels Fund or not, every organization must create an account to access the online proposal system. We recommend that organizations establish one account to be used by the person responsible for submitting grant requests.  Please only create one account per organization.

An electronic notification is automatically sent when a funding inquiry is received. Fels Fund staff will contact you within four weeks of your submission with a response, either electronically or by phone. You may be asked to meet or invited to submit a proposal. Alternatively, it may be deemed that your funding inquiry is not a fit at this time. Please note an invitation to submit a proposal does not guarantee funding. For more information visit the Funding Priorities and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Links below to access the online proposal system.

Create a new account

Login to organization’s existing account and applications started  

What You Will Need to Apply- funding inquiry

Submit a funding inquiry

If you have any questions about the funding inquiry process or online portal, please contact Shanell Ransom, Grants and Operations Manager, via phone 215-731-9455 or email.

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