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Since Fels has a small budget–approximately $2 million in the next few years–we could not possibly provide ongoing operating support to hundreds of organizations. Instead, we try to make grants at critical junctures. Critical junctures are points in an organization’s life when there is a need to change methodologies. This could mean growing, shrinking, trying a new type of programming, experimenting with staffing, piloting a project that might support itself eventually, opening a satellite, seeking new accreditation, retraining staff or board or rethinking the physical plant.

A critical juncture could also be related to policy. It could be the point where a new case must be built to change existing practice to add new services, or to draw attention to problems. Another critical juncture is the appointment of a new head. We often support a new director’s priority with a new director’s grant.

There are times when critical juncture grants are not appropriate. In the Arts, for example, we frequently make grants for specific seasons, productions or exhibitions. In the case of small organizations sometimes general support makes the most sense.

We prefer to make grants on a modest scale, but to try to have a maximum impact on institutions and service patterns in Philadelphia. Grants at Fels range in size from $3,000 to $30,000. Occasionally, we make a larger grant in an exceptional situation. Please review our listing of Recent Grants to get a good picture of our scope.